Nile River Cruises

Overview For Nile River Cruises

With the world-renowned pyramids, wondrous ancient history, majestic temples and Nile River Cruises, Egypt is the perfect destination for travellers in Africa. Nile River cruises provide visitors with an opportunity to explore the vibrant history and grand architecture of Egypt. In addition to that, tourists from across the world find peaceful and panoramic views of the Nile from their cruise even more fascinating.

Tourists get to explore the unparalleled beauty of stunning cities like Luxor, Aswan, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Cairo and more. To enjoy the best of the land of Pharaohs tourists can choose from customised Nile river cruise packages or select an existing package. From a more personal experience in the Dahabiya to large luxurious 5-star ships, there are plenty of cruise types available for visitors in Egypt Nile River cruises. The luxury Nile Cruises provide visitors amenities similar to that of a 5-star international hotel and also arranged for various entertainments like dance and music performances. Apart from this, there are also deluxe and standard Nile cruises available for tourists to choose from. During this trip tourists will enjoy the view of the Nile and visit the tombs of popular kings and queens while relaxing on a luxurious ship.

Package Options for Nile River Cruises

4 Days Nile River Cruise Aswan to Luxor

The 4 Days Nile River cruises from Aswan to Luxor are an enchanting experience that take passengers on a surreal journey exploring the Egyptian gems. Get ready to visit the majestic Kanak Temple, the second largest Luxor Temple, the magnificent Valley of the kings, Queen Hatshepsut temple, and the Colossi of Memnon. In Aswan the cruise will take the passengers to The High Dam, Edfu temple, Philae Temple and more. The cruise also provides passengers with an Egyptian expert guide to accompany them at all attractions.

3 Nights Nile River Cruise Aswan include Abu Simbel

One of the popular Nile river cruises is the 3 Nights Nile river cruises that take the passengers on an adventurous journey of Egypt and provide 5 star facilities. From the Karnak Temple to the Luxor temple and the Valley of the kings - passengers take a tour of all these glorious attractions. The next stop on this amazing trip is the magical city of Aswan where tourists will get to explore the Abu Simbel Temple, Edfu Temple, Philae Temple and Kom Ombo Temple.

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5 Days Nile River Cruise Luxor to Aswan

The 4 night and 5 day Nile river cruises provide the opportunity to enjoy a tour that one will remember for a lifetime. The magical Nile cruise is accompanied with a private vehicle to travel from the ship to the tourist attractions on each stop. As passengers enjoy the surreal views of the Nile, they are accompanied by excellent personnel on the cruise looking after all their needs. The cruise explores the majestic attractions covering Luxor to Aswan, including places like Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, The Unfinished Obelisk, Edfu Temple and more.

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4 Nights Nile River Cruise from Luxor include Abu Simbel

This stunning trip among the Nile river cruises from Luxor to Aswan takes visitors on a journey of history and glamour. Soak in the beauty of the Nile as the cruise makes stops at some of the best attractions like Hatshepsut and the Karnak Temple. In addition, these tourists also take a trip to the Valley of the Kings, a place where 20 of the kings and Queens of the Egyptian kingdom have been put to rest. On their way to Aswan passengers will also make stops at the Edfu temple and Kom Ombo temple.

7 Nights Nile River Cruise Itinerary from Aswan

This adventure of the Nile river cruises is going to be 7 nights and 8 days long covering the most stunning locations of Egyptian history. The journey begins from Aswan, passengers exploring the iconic Unfinished Obelisk and Philae Temple. Traveling from Luxor, the vessel ends its journey in Aswan and its charming history. In Luxor one will explore places like Kanak Temple, Valley of the kings, Colossi of Memnon and more of these amazing structures

7 Nights Nile River Cruise Itinerary from Luxor

Sailing in a brilliant cruise on the pristine waters of the Nile for 7 nights, passengers will experience utmost luxury and fun during this adventure. The tourists enjoy the best services including an expert guide to accompany them on this magical journey of exploring this 5000 year old civilisation. Passengers make memories on the cruise and during their trips to the magnificent cities of Luxor and Aswan. Their trip also includes visiting the prominent tourist attractions like Karnak Temple, Edfu Temple, Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel and more.

The Nile River Cruises Categories

Standard Nile River Cruises

The Standard Nile river cruises are perfect for passengers who wish to enjoy the Egyptian culture and attractions but are on a budget. These cruises offer a comfortable stay and experience with affordable prices, and still include all the major tourist attractions. Traveling with the panoramic views of the Nile at their disposal, passengers get to soak in the beauty and greatness of Egypt and its unique structures. These Nile river cruises can be tailored according to the requirements, as visitors get to choose from packages of various destinations and durations

The Deluxe Nile River Cruises

The Deluxe Nile cruises offer visitors the best of both worlds as they get to enjoy near luxury accommodations at affordable prices. In addition to enjoying the beautiful sights and skies of Egypt, tourists also get to enjoy full entertainment centers like belly dance, lounge bars, discotheque, spa, beauty centers and more. The cruise will take visitors to Luxor - the city of hundred gates which is also known for being the world's greatest open air museum. The deluxe Nile River cruises also explore the magical city of Aswan as well as places like Edfu and Kom Ombo.

Luxury Nile River Cruises

The Luxury Nile River cruises are literally the best as it comes with luxury amenities that are second to none. Tourists get to enjoy the most enchanting sights and with all the services and entertainment facilities at their disposal. Traveling between the golden cities of Luxor and Aswan, tourists enjoy the finest accommodations on the luxury vessel and royal service. As the top rated Nile river cruises, these are recommended for their grandeur and world class facilities that will make the trip to Egypt even better.

Nile River Cruises Types

Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruises

The Luxor and Aswan Nile river cruises are perfect for exploring the golden cities of Egypt. Tourists get to visit the most stunning structures that belong to the history of a 5000 year old civilisation that found its place alongside the Nile. Visit the Kanak temple, the grand Luxor temple, the iconic and unique Valley of the Kings while enjoying the panoramic views of the Nile and the comfort of a luxury cruise. The cruises have premium facilities and entertainment options for tourists which starts at around $425.

Lake Nasser Cruises

The Lake Nasser cruises are perfect for exploring the southern parts of Egypt like Nubia. These cruises provide tourists with comfort and fun experience as they enjoy the views of the Nile from this amazing vessel. Passengers will be taken on a journey to explore the monuments and ruins of Ancient Nubia. During the Lake Nasser Cruises, the tourists will also get a chance to spend an evening docked at the banks of Nile near the temples of Abu Simbel.

Dahabiya Nile Cruises

The Dahabiya Nile River cruises will give you the private and intimate experience that tourists can enjoy in the cruises of Egypt. These small vessels are designed in a way to accommodate only few passengers but provide them with all luxury amenities for the best experience. During their trip to Egypt in the Dahabiya cruises, visitors will get to enjoy inclusiveness and privacy of utmost levels as they soak in the beauty of the Nile.

Nile Steamer Cruises

The Nile Steamer cruises are a vintage experience that take travelers back in time. Belonging to the 1920s, these vessels are not only vintage but also eco friendly and therefore a better option for the nature lovers. Visitors enjoy the luxury and charm of the vintage vessel while exploring the ancient marvels of this thousands of years old civilization. The cruise ship makes a stop at several of the major cities like Luxor, Aswan, Edfu and such.

Long Nile Cruises

The Long Nile River cruises are the most exceptional experience and cover all the popular attractions and gems of Egypt. The journey of these cruises begins at the capital city of Cairo and ends at the magical destination of Aswan, far away in the south. The cruise also covers the major destination of Luxor as passengers get or see the stunning Kanak Temple, and the cionic valley of the kings.

Why to Book the Nile River Cruise?

  • These luxury and intimate Nile river cruises take tourists on a journey of exploring the ancient structures, history and cultural heritage of a civilisation that is around 5000 years old.
  • Tourists will get to visit the popular tourist attractions in major cities like Luxor, Aswan, Edfu and Kom Ombo via these river cruises.
  • Visitors enjoy a relaxing vacation with the comfort and Lizzie’s of a cruise and the panoramic views of the Nile in front of them.
  • Visit iconic attractions like Valley of the Kings, Kanak Temple, unfinished obelisk and the great temple of Abu Simbel.
  • Experience the surreal beauty and natural surroundings of the river Nile, disconnecting you from the bustling world outside its pristine waters.
  • The cruise facilitates its guests with all 5 star amenities like Gym, Mini bar & Room service, Laundry, Galabia Party, private bath with bathtub and more.

Know Before You Go Nile River Cruise

Essential Information
Tips To Visit

Best Time to Visit:Egypt offers an amazing experience and wonderful atmosphere all year round to the tourists. However, the best time to explore Egypt with Nile river cruises is between the months of October to April. The weather is extremely pleasant and favorable to explore the Egyptian terrain and soak in the beauty of the popular attractions.

Places To Visit:The Nile River Cruises provide the best experience of all, taking the tourists to wonderful places like Luxor and Aswan. During the cruise, visitors will explore the stunning architecture of the majestic Kanak Temple, soak in the magnificent Colossi of Memnon and visit the second largest temple structure - Luxor Temple. Another amazing location to explore in Luxor during the Nile River Cruises is the Valley of the Kings which has 63 tombs out of which many to the Kings and Queens of Egypt. The Nile River Cruises also explore the Nubian Heaven Aswan, visiting places like the unfinished obelisk, the grand temple of Abu Simbel, Philae Temple and more.

  • The Nile River cruises provide wifia and satellite phone services as well as international telecom connection to its customers. All this is done to keep its guests connected to the rest of the world while on the cruise.
  • Visitors can relax under the beautiful sky on their sun deck, and enjoy the warmth of Egypt’s weather.
  • Facilities like lounge bar, discotheque, delectable dining options, spa, laundry service, and safety deposit box are available on board.
  • The cabins of the luxury cruises are equipped with all the amenities similar to a 5 star hotel such as mini fridge, sat-tv, a hair dryer and more.
  • Purchase your Nile River cruises package online to avail discounts and offers on the prices.
  • Do pack some common medications, mosquito repellents and toiletries which will come handy for your trip.
  • Do bring a good quality camera with you for capturing the beautiful structures and wonderful moments on the cruise as well as the tourist attractions.
  • Always wear sunblock and cover yourself with comfortable clothing when out in the open to avoid tanning and sunburn.
  • Take full advantage of the deluxe services provided in the cruise ship like Spa, Sauna, Gym, and more.


Is it safe to go on a Nile River Cruise?

Yes, in fact it is one of the safest ways to explore the ancient architecture and culture of Egypt with its many popular attractions. Tourists get to enjoy the panoramic views of the Nile and the wonderful cities along its banks with the safety and comfort of a luxury ship.

What is the Duration of the Nile River Cruise?

The Nile River cruises can be as long as 7 days or as short as 4 days. Tourists get to choose from the available itineraries or can even get customized packages for the Nile cruises based on their choices.

What to wear on a Nile River Cruise?

Tourists are advised to wear comfortable and light clothing on their Nile River Cruises as Egypt weather can be a little harsh in summers. Also wear comfortable and closed toe shoes to easily walk in the Egyptian terrain.

Is a Nile Cruise worth it?

The Nile River cruises are definitely the best way to enjoy the beautiful cities of Egypt. Egypt is brimming with ancient architecture and historical attractions, places that preserve its rich cultural heritage. During this cruise, tourists explore the beautiful attractions like Kanak Temple,Valley of kings and Luxor Temple.

Is a Nile Cruise Wheelchair Accessible?

Yes, most of the Nile Cruises are wheelchair friendly. The visitors are just requested to inform in advance so that the crew of the cruise can be ready for the welcome.

Will there be Wi-Fi on the cruise?

Most of the Nile River Cruise have access to Wi-Fi, however they are priced very high. It is advisable to get a local sim with internet access if visitors wish to connect to internet at cheap prices.


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